World Development Report 2020 : Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains

Global value chains (GVCs) powered the surge of international trade after 1990 and now account for almost half of all trade. This shift enabled an unprecedented economic convergence: poor countries grew rapidly and began to catch up with richer countries. Since the 2008 global financial crisis, however, the growth of trade has been sluggish and the expansion of GVCs has stalled. Meanwhile, serious threats have emerged to the model of trade-led growth. New technologies could draw production closer to the consumer and reduce the demand for labor. And conflicts among large countries could lead to a retrenchment or a segmentation of GVCs.

World Development Report 2020

DDP – A Growing Partnership
on a Path of Delivery

Two years into the operation of DDP, the young partnership
continues on its ambitious growth path. New donors joined
DDP during FY 18. The portfolio continues to grow. Output
and outcome figures have started to build up and evidence
progress in delivering results. This chapter offers an overview
on the overall evolution of DDP along with a few portfolio and
results figures, and it highlights how digital development is
moving into the center of the World Bank’s corporate agenda.

DDP Annual Review 2018

Investment Requirements for 2021 and
2030 Digital Infrastructure Targets

The World Bank has developed two goals
to ensure the initiative is fully realized and
the strategy stays on track: a short-term
progress milestone to be achieved by
2021 – to double broadband connectivity
penetration in Africa by 2021 from 2016
penetration levels, and a long-term target
to be achieved by 2030 – to achieve
universal affordable and good quality
broadband access in Africa by 2030.

Connecting Africa Through Broadband