Today, on October 24, at the premises of the Croatian Embassy in the Republic of Kosovo, KREN (Kosovo Research and Education Network) and (Croatian Academic and Research Network), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.
On the side of KREN, the Memorandum was signed by Mr. Agim Kukaj, Director of the Project KODE Project, at the same time Director of the Department of Postal, Telecommunication, Information Technology at the Ministry of Economy, while on the side of CARNET, Memorandum signed by CEO / Director of CARNET, Mr. Hrvoje Puljiz.
This Memorandum was signed in the presence of the Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, Ph.D. Radovan Fuchs, and Ambassador of the Embassy of Croatia Mrs. Danijela Barišić.
The objectives of this Memorandum primarily focus on setting up future cooperation, which is reflected on the exchange of experience and best practices and encouraging cooperation which will enable the development of knowledge and skills and through the practical work of KREN and CARNET employees and associates.
KREN expresses gratitude to the Croatian Institutions and their representatives, specifically CARNET, for their ongoing assistance and willingness to expand KREN’s potential through the exchange of information and extremely valuable experience.
This will directly reflect on the increase of KREN’s capacities and responsibilities, so Kosovo in terms of research and education benefits greatly from this Memorandum.