At the premises of the Kosovo Research and Education Network (KREN), in Prizren, was held a meeting between the Ministry of Economy and the Executive Director of the World Bank (WB), Mr. Hayrettin Demircan.

Mr. Demircan, who represents the Kosovo on the Board the World Bank, accompanied by his advisers Mr. Salih Ercan and Mr. Hajdar Korbi and the local WB staff, Ms. Lindita Lepaja and Mr. Besart Myderrizi during their visit were informed about the digital infrastructure installed in KREN, the services delivered to the community for research and education and the future plans.

Beside KREN, Mr. Agim Kukaj, director of the KODE Project, took a presentation on the achievements and challenges of the KODE Project and the plans of the Ministry of Economy derived from the 2030 Digital Agenda.

Mr. Demircan, during his visit, emphasized that “despite the fact that Kosovo is a small country with not big opportunities, I see a great job, progress in your project and strong motivation from your staff.”