Western Balkans Digital Summit – Tirana 2020, is being held online through virtual sessions on 26-28 October.

Head of KODE Project Implementation Unit, Ms. Fjolla Restelica Ahmeti, held a presentation on 26th of October under the topic “Digital Connectivity-Key measures for the countries to attract investment”.

KODE Project was presented as a success story of Western Balkan region in terms of broadband connectivity, its financing model and how other countries can use this model to deploy broadband infrastructure in less attractive zones.  Ms. Restelica Ahmeti as a representative of the Project and the Ministry of Economy and Environment presented the key components of the project with the focus on “Financing Digital Connectivity”.

KODE has significantly improved internet coverage in Kosovo resulting in more than 99 % of all inhabited zones covered with the broadband infrastructure.

In addition, in this Panel was present Ms. Natalija Gelvanovska-Garcia, Regional Coordinator for World Bank’s Digital portfolio. She highlighted the importance of digital connectivity investment project for the economies of the region. Ms.  Gelvanovska-Garcia is the task team leader of the KODE project, she also talked about the experience so far in Kosovo and the way forward for the region in terms of broadband connectivity.

As part of the virtual session panel on digital skills was Ms. Alborita Mehana, a Women in Online Work (WOW) Project Alumni.  She presented her experience in this project and how this experience has helped her to grow professionally. She also presented activities of the Ministry for young people for digital skills training programs that will be organized in 7 regions of Kosovo.