Within the KODE project, among other important components for developing digital economy of Kosovo, it is also foreseen the establishment and functioning of the National Research and Education Network (NREN) in Kosovo.

For this purpose, KODE Project Director, Mr. Agim Kukaj and Project Implementation Unit (PIU), have organized a workshop in Prishtina on the 15th of October 2019 for the establishment of NREN in Kosovo.

The workshop was attended by participants from 27 different institutions including governmental, academic and research institutions. The purpose of the workshop was to inform and discuss the steps to be taken in establishment of the NREN in Kosovo, namely the importance of the cooperation of the institutions for forming the Federation as the first step and then the application of future procedures.

The need for professional support from the GEANT organization has emerged during planning of activities to establish NREN, and with a special focus on Federation – organizing, establishing, policy, services and security.

In the workshop for the purpose of informing the participants about the processes, Mr. Goran Švarč, International Consultant engaged by KODE project and Mr. Miroslav Milinović, Assistant Director for IT and Middleware Infrastructure at the University Information Center in Zagreb have both held presentations. Following the presentations, the workshop continued with an open discussion where various questions were asked and clarifications were given from the speakers as well as KODE PIU regarding the further procedures on establishing NREN and connecting it to GEANT.

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